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designing futuristic web interfaces and visual effects

Get to know us

Who we are:

Big S is a creative studio specialized in innovative web design. We are completely location independent, meaning that all our work is done online, and our team members and clients come from all around the World.

What we do:

Our primary mission is to construct new types of user interfaces using advanced layout methods and futuristic effects, making your project future-proof and distinctive. Check the Services section for a detailed information.

How we do it:

Every project is carefully estimated and planned in detail. Everything we do closely follows best coding practices, design guidelines and Worldwide standards. Also, all our projects are done using Kanban methodology.

Why we do it:

With so many websites looking similar and generic, brands often can't express what really makes them unique. Our goal is to change that by setting new trends in Web design and changing the overall appearance of the Web.

Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.

Robert L. Peters

What we do

Completely responsive websites with futuristic design and strategic focus on visibility to express your vision. We combine our creative ideas and technical expertise to give users amazing experience and take web design to the next level. Our mission is to come up with unique design that best fits your professional goals and needs, and code it into a beautiful website. We make art, leaving heavy programming to the big boys.

Visually compelling UI/UX design to strengthen your brand identity and inform users of what they can interact with. We work on overall projection of your idea from research, wireframe sketching with the focus on actual presentation. Finally, we tell story through design language, shapes, colors and amazing interfaces.

Perspective branding strategies for ambitious people. Whether you’re looking to launch a new brand, transform existing one or ensure that your brand is on a right track you can count on us. From logo design to complete visual identity, our team can help you redefine your brand and establish its position on the market.

While visual presentation is responsible for grabbing attention, your story is what connects people with your brand.  At big S studio, our professional writers create content to capture and keep consumers attention. Whether it’s blogging or writing a content for your website, we are here to give your brand unique and distinctive touch.

What we've done

Seminar - E-prijava za PDV i akcizu


Ryan Flores






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